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Litman Gregory Portfolio Strategies

Since 1996, Litman Gregory has offered turnkey portfolios of funds or ETFs to other financial advisors through third-party investment management platforms that automate administrative and back office functions including trading, rebalancing, and reporting. Today we are an investment strategist with four leading turnkey asset management platforms. The Portfolio Strategies enable other advisors to efficiently implement client portfolios that harness Litman Gregory’s expertise in research, tactical asset allocation, and manager selection, and that tap into the same investment decision making that we employ for our own client portfolios. Available to individual investors through investment professionals only.

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Through AdvisorIntelligence, Litman Gregory shares the proven investment strategy on which we have built our own wealth management business. We share the in-depth proprietary investment research and model portfolios, along with high-quality client materials necessary to deliver advice with confidence. Whether advisors are coming to us to fully outsource their investment decision-making or as a compliment to their own work, our web-based service allows users to access and implement these materials in a flexible way that meets the unique needs of their practice as they seek to build a scalable and sustainable business.

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PartnerSelect Funds — Unique Access to Distinctive Managers

Litman Gregory Fund Advisors designed the PartnerSelect Funds (formerly Litman Gregory Masters Funds) to provide access to institutional quality managers from around the globe who we believe possess a unique edge and who operate in asset classes that lend themselves to high active share and active management. The strategies are exclusively available in the U.S. through PartnerSelect.

Since 1987 the Litman Gregory team has researched, analyzed, and written about hundreds of investment teams and mutual funds and put their ideas to the test by designing and successfully investing in portfolios of funds. Drawing on insights gained from years of evaluating and analyzing mutual funds, Litman Gregory Fund Advisors is uniquely qualified to oversee the funds’ manager selection, overall fund portfolio construction and operations.

In addition to serving as core positions in the portfolios we run in our wealth management business, the PartnerSelect Funds are widely used by other financial advisors, institutions and individual investors.

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Mutual fund investing involves risk, loss of principal is possible. Please call 1-800-960-0188 to obtain a Prospectus for the PartnerSelect Funds. The Prospectus contains more complete information regarding the risks, costs and expenses of the funds. The PartnerSelect Funds are distributed by ALPS Distributors, Inc.



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